Dragon's Lunch

The real time Roguelike.

Game Play Video Me curious.

Screenshots Me no shoot, me no shoot!

What's This? Me hungry.

It started out as just your usual Saturday morning game of golf.
But what's this?
The ball went into the hole on the first green and when you went to investigate, you fell into the deepest rabbit hole ever (like, super deep) and ended up in a suit of armor in a dungeon.
The distant sound of dragon-burp wafts up from the depths.
Well, may as well go search for your ball!

Features Me want to know.

Real Time
- All the features of a traditional Roguelike - but you play in real time!
New random generated dungeons each game
- Enter the same random seed to compete against your friends.
Or create your own custom maps in the Editor.
- Fiendishly difficult Underpar custom map and Tutorial map included.
No Pause!
- Want to check your map? Don't take too long, there's monsters about.
Play in Putter, Wedge or Iron WoMan mode!
- Save at any time in Putter mode; Save in Wedge mode but you can only reload once; No save in Iron mode.
Permanent death
- When you're dead, you're dead! No more golf!
Traditional RogueLike features
- Found a potion? Drink it to find out what it is. Read scrolls, wield weapons and armour, zap wands and wear rings.
12 Crazy Levels
- Defeat puzzles, traps, and a wide range of monsters before taking on the Dragon on the bottom level.
- Runs in English, French and Goblin (NZolzidad!) - other languages can be configured.

System Requirements

OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Minimum Specification:
OS: Windows 7
AMD Athlon 3.00GHz / Quad Core / 4GB RAM
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 5700 series
Sound Card: Any

OS: Linux and other Unix OS

The game has not been tested extensively on Linux.
It has run successfully in a Linux virtual machine (Virtual Box).

A full port will be done once the demand is there.

OS: Apple MacOS

The game has not been tested at all on MacOS.

A full port will be one once the demand is there.